Our Team

With over 30 years of combined experience in the fresh fruit and vegetables industry, we continue to earn a reputation for excellence and solid results. The fruit we have established over the years, coupled with our continuing commitment to quality assurance. innovation and professional principles means a faster friendlier, more effective disposition of goods to a significant spectrum of the market.


Our venue of buyers is consistently expanding and each buyer is confident in the quality of the products we list and represent. We continuously attempt to go the extra mile to ensure all our customer's needs are satisfied.

Anthony Formusa


Tel: 416 259 0833 Ext 223

Mobile: 416 786 8408

Email: anthony@nationalproduce.com

Joey Formusa

Logistics Manager

Tel: 416 259 0833 Ext 22

Mobile: 416 990 0152

Email: joey@nationalproduce.com

Arif Siddiqui

Senior Accountant

Tel: 416 259 0833 Ext 240

Email: arif@nationalproduce.com

Mike Wilson

Catagory Manager: Watermelon, Pineapple & Broccoli

Tel: 416 259 0833 Ext 231

Mobile: 416 666 4584

Email: mike@nationalproduce.com