Food Safety

National Produce’s commitment to delivering safe, quality products to end consumers are evident in our diligent staff and implemented internal safety practices. Our HACCP certification addresses the appeal of our quality assurance program and attests to our tireless commitment in protecting the health of our consumers.

National Produce has astutely recognized the importance of maintaining HACCP principles throughout our work environment and thus, has established our very own Total Product Control Program to ensure our products are treated with optimum precaution and care for our consumers to enjoy.

Total Product Control (TPC) Program

The development of our TPC Program stems from our organizations desire to safely offer premium products to end consumers. The TPC Program illustrates a meticulous picture of our involvement with our products from the pre-harvest stage to the moment it enters retail stores for consumer enjoyment. We at National Produce believe that integrity and consistency is the backbone for providing top-quality products.

A consistent oversight model such as our TPC Program is necessary to enforce our stringent procedures at each intricate step of the harvest, transportation, arrival and distribution stages.

Our TPC program has seen proven success and will continue being an active driving force behind strengthening and managing the lifespan of our relationships with foreign and domestic growers, business partners and products in order to deliver optimum value to our consumers.