Associations & Accreditations


Through our membership with various associations, we are integrated within a vast network of both shippers and growers across North America. We strongly value our relationships with all organizations and utilize these ties to help seek new opportunities that would benefit our industry as a whole and help deliver value to our customers.

Membership with the Fruit & Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC) has given our organization access to an educated, impartial resource that safeguards our company’s integrity and provides a useful third party tool to ensure business transactions are processed in a fashion where all parties involved are satisfied.

Our long-standing relationship with the DRC and Agriculture Canada has allowed us to accrue the necessary tools and knowledge to thoroughly understand the dispute resolution process, from verification through responsibility allocation to final dispensation.


National Produce prides itself on providing a safe work environment for our employees and clients. Our Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification exemplifies our devotion to a proactive food safe environment. Our HACCP certification backed by provincial and federal regulatory bodies gives testimony that our current working processes and procedures meet the necessary health and safety standards that embody ideal business practices. This has instilled confidence from our business partners and clients that our organization has done its due diligence in delivering premium and safe products for end consumers to enjoy.

Our Accreditations

Certification Of Some Of Our Growers & Suppliers